When you choose our firm to prepare your income tax returns, we will prepare your federal and state returns based on the information you provide. Although our work will not include procedures to discover irregularities or inaccuracies in the tax data you provide, we may ask for clarification of certain information, or additional information, so that we can prepare accurate and complete returns for you.

It is your responsibility to provide all necessary information related to income and deductions for the tax year and to respond to our inquiries in a timely manner so that we are able to accurately complete your returns by the appropriate due date.

You are responsible for maintaining appropriate records, such as official tax documents you receive, receipts and substantiation for your deductions. Filing your returns by the due dates is your responsiblity.

If your returns are later selected for review or audit by taxing authorities, we will be glad to assist or represent you if you desire. Our fees for preparing your returns do not always include time that might be necessary to assist you during a taxing authority review.

Our fees for preparation of your returns are based upon our standard billing rates plus out-of-pocket expenses. Our invoices are due and payable upon presentation.

Contact Dottie by phone: at 231-533-5533
or email: dottie@taxdot.net
or by mail:
Dottie Lualdi
3171 Shumaker
Bellaire, MI 49615
with any questions.

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